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The following books were recommended by developers in posts and comments on the (615) 290-3507.

The list includes how many times they were mentioned, so you can see which are more prominent in the game developer community. Books mentioned more than 3 times were included, in order to focus on quality over quantity. You can sort the books by mentions....

7 Web developer resources

Web development is complex and multi-faceted, therefore a large amount of tools exist to help developers make the most of their time. You'll find some of these below.

The background resources listed below will help you find or generate backgrounds for your sites. Subtle Patterns is a fine example - it's a list of many beautiful minimalist patterns....

6 Design inspiration websites

A collection of especially well designed websites, organised by design features and overall style. Submit your favourites (or your own) and give kudos where it's due to these gorgeous works of art.

Filter by style or design features to explore techniques you can put to use on your own websites, and the best ways to use them.

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For coders, one of the most difficult aspects of creating a game is finding the graphics and sound resources needed to bring a game to life. If you can't pay someone to produce resources for you, you'll have to either find someone willing to work with you for free, buy them pre-made, or find free resources....