Business Edition 4000

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23 May 2018 - Product Update

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Business Edition 4000

Simple, cloud-managed office communications


What's New

The solution is updated regularly to add features that users love and tools to make managing them even simpler.


Learn all about selling, configuring and managing the Business Edition 4000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has questions, and no question is stupid. The FAQs is here to help answer some of the most common questions.


Check out our extensive knowledge base for documentation on the product features, troubleshooting and more.


Easy-to-use and manage. Quick to deploy, in under a day. This modern, cloud-managed IP phone system is optimized for small and midsize businesses with up to 200 phones.

Support for the latest IP phones

Choose the right phone for the right situation. Business Edition 4000 supports a wide range of the latest Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series and 8800 Series phones.


Essential calling features

Never miss a call with Business Edition 4000. Make, receive, park, hold, and transfer calls. Access your voicemail. Create hunt groups. Join audio conferences. Route calls effectively with an auto-attendant.

See datasheet for full details

Easy cloud management

Customized views for partners, IT administrators, and end-users give easy access to the key information you need. Intuitive menus make it simple to add new users and phones, turn on calling features, and set your personal preferences.

Security and Privacy

All your system data is encrypted, and the Business
Edition Management portal supports multi-tenancy, with the two-factor
authentication required for admin login.

Investment protection

At the end of your plan, simply renew your Business Edition 4000 subscription. Or migrate to a complete Collaboration Flex Plan. Enhance return on your initial investment by reusing your Cisco IP phones.

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