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384,331 Qualified Leads     USD 905 Mil in Sales Value     7,680 Units Sold     75 Experts     16 Years in Business

We Deliver a Consistent Flow of Phone-Verified Leads to Property Developers and Agents.

For the past 16 years a 75-strong team of real estate lead-generation experts have been filling sales pipelines all over the MENA region. Helping sell projects in record time - in any market condition. Click the button below to learn more about the trial offer.

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We'll Send Your Agents a Flow of Leads For . . .

Deal Closing

Sales agents should focus their full attention and efforts on closing deals. But their sales-pipeline has to be full of enough qualified leads. The Naked Leads team will do that for your agents. So, they will finally reach sales targets.

Project Launch

Whether your agents need leads before launch (to build the waiting list), or on the launch day, or during the first few crucial months. We can send a constant stream of qualified leads, and fill their sales-pipeline on command.


One of the best way to fill the sales-pipeline is to be in front of potential buyers. Naked Leads can send your agents a steady stream of qualified leads for any roadshow event in the MENA region and / or India. So they close more deals. 


Exhibition are proven to help sales. That's why we help real estate developer have the busiest stand. And break sales records. That's the best ROI for the 100s' of thousands spent on rent, stand and collateral to just be at the exhibition.


What Property Developers Like About Us

  • Phone Verified Leads

    Most leads are phone verified to make sure your agents get qualified leads instead of just feeding them with lots of unqualified leads.

  • FREE Leads Replacement.

    Because the quality of leads is critical to closing deals we allow free lead replacement of any genuinely unqualified lead.

  • Focused on the #1 Property Buyers.

    Since day one - over 16 years ago - we've focused on selling properties to Indian buyers (wherever they reside and where they want to buy).

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    A fully dedicated account-manager's only job is to make sure your agents are happy with the quality and quantity of the leads they get.

  • Network of 7,000 Brokers

    Active brokers are the best resource when it comes to selling properties, that's why we constantly network with over 7,000 of the best brokers in the market in India & GCC.

  • Secret Leads

    Over the last 16 years we have received over 600 thousand contact details of property investors whom we'd be happy to offer your project too.

  • In-house Property Agents

    A highly experienced in-house team of closing agents has the track record to help your agents close deals. Even when they are not there in person.

  • Indian Rep. Office

    To make sales in a foreign country a strong local presence is a must. That's why we offer to our clients a representative office. 7,000 sq ft of premium space in the richest state of India.

  • 2535188950

    At Naked Leads we offer an unheard-off discount of 85.3% to try the quality of our services with an initial offer of 100 qualified leads for just $1,362 (Dh 5,000). 


What Clients Are Saying About Us

Abdul Aziz Albannai - Albannai Enterprises

Abdul Aziz Albannai

Major General (retd.) & Chairman of Albannai Investment

You've really surprised me, I didn't expect such a good result.

Farhad Azizi - CEO & Vice Chairman Azizi Development

Farhad Azizi

CEO & Vice Chairman Azizi Development

21 units sold in one day on the Palm is good, I'm very happy.

Faris Saeed - CEO Diamond Developers

Faris Saeed

CEO Diamond Developers & The Sustainable City

You are the first one who understand what I'm saying and thinking.

Hazem Chalhoub - Al Falah Properties

Hazem Chalhoub

Sales Director at Al Falah Properties

Our stand to Cityscape was the busiest of them all, I lost my voice talking to all the buyers and I can't feel me leg anymore.

Juwaad Beg - Triplanet International

Juwad Beg

Sales & Marketing Director Triplanet International Developers

I love it when you're firing on all cylinders, keep the leads coming and the phone ringing.


Claude Sakr - Sales Manager Omniyat

Claude Sakr

Regional Sales Director at Omniyat

I didn't expect these many brokers would turn-up for the prelaunch event, now I am confident sales are going to be good.

Hiren Parmar of Parmar Construction

Hiren Parmar

Managing Director Parmar Construction Pune

I was overwhelmed with the speed of lead delivery. We sold 80 plus units with the help of you guys. Thank you so much.


Shamkant Kotkar

Chairman & Managing Director, Nandan Buildcon

Your lead gen was rocket speed. One of the fastest in the industry

Abraham Mathew at Naked Leads

Abraham Mathew

AVP Sobha Developers

What these guys did for us in the last 6 years for our Pune projects is absolutely commendable.

Whenever You Are Ready

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A simple talk is all it takes to start getting 100 leads for just 5k AED (a full 85.3% discount from our normal rates) and have your agents test our services. So they reach their sales targets. Which will have a great effect on your project's cashflow.

Once you click the big red button you'll have the option to speak to us right now or book a call-back at a time that suits you more.


Answers to the Most Common Questions


Since roadshows are an event with fixed date and a specific location, we generally start the campaigns around 6 weeks prior to the event and start getting RSVP from the people interested in attending. And we get their attention thanks to a unique and highly desirable offer they'll get ONLY at the event.


True, most organizers already market the exhibition. What we do is add more marketing power specific to our clients. Because people who are interested in going at the exhibition might not know or visit our client's booth. And after spending tens (even hundreds) of thousands it is critical to have a busy stand to get an ROI.


After over 16 years of marketing properties to Indians we have the added advantage of a large ready made database of property buyer. Whom we tell about new projects before it launches. This creates a waiting list. Because a large waiting list is crucial to make as many sales as possible in the first few weeks.


Your agents will have a dedicated account manger who's only job is to make sure they are getting the quantity & quality of leads they need to close deals. The account manager is available 6 days a week (and outside working hours for emergencies).


In some cases we can send leads as soon as 2 weeks from the start. In most cases leads will start flowing withing 3 to 4 weeks, or so. That's the time it takes to create enough marketing collaterals to attract the right kind of people and get them to leave their contact details.


All campaigns need time to reach the most audience and build project awareness in time for launches , roadshow and exhibition. That's why we recommend at least 6 weeks before the event (which means appointing us at least 8 to 10 weeks prior).


Most of our leads are phone verified and the lead generation is very specific to your project. Nevertheless, sometimes people are simply curious. In that case your agents can notify their account manger and we'll send the new leads as soon as we get them. At no extra charge.

Different question?

You might have unique and uncommon questions (after all each business is different). In that case just click the red button and you'll be whisked away to the contact page where you can ask away anything you wish. Just get in touch and we'll get back pretty soon.

Urgent questions?

Just click the button below to get in touch with one of us immediately (during working hours). Or, if we are not available at the moment, you can book a call-back at a time that suits you so that we'll get in touch.

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